Here is a quick overview of some of my current projects

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Picture Books

Dear Mr Alien


A child gives an alien advice about how to make their planet a better place.

Animal Gangs


This rhyming story teaches children about the collective nouns for various animals by using humour. 

The Best Me


This story models good behaviour while also helping each child realise their own value. 

I Wish My Dad Was A Superhero

A little girl wishes her Dad was a superhero rather than a swimming teacher. 

How Numbers Saved The Day

This story won a highly commended award.

A young boy whose love of numbers saves his younger sister.

The Alien Next Door

This rhyming book is about a child who imagines that they live next door to an alien. 

The Attic

 A boy who is afraid to go into the attic soon realises that the things he fears are not what they seem.  

Thumb War

A regiment of finger soldiers fight a battle.

Science and Magic

This book uses both science and magic to answer children's questions.  

If I Could Go Anywhere

A child  jumps from one place to another describing the many different attractions.

First Girls

A mother tells her daughter about many of the "first girls" in the world. 

Junior Fiction

The Enchanted Way


An eleven year old princess uses an ancient enchantment to help restore peace between her best friend’s kingdom and her own.

How The Easter Bunny Found His Hop

When the Easter Bunny loses his hop, Holly Bunny and her friend must solve the mystery and save Easter.

How Jack Frost Found His Cool

When Dakota and Nik play a trick on Jack Frost they must work together to save the forest and the other animals.

Short Stories /Flash Fiction



A Moment of Kindness

Eternal Peace

Gran Mode


If A Tree Fell In The Alps

Mad Science


Pay It Forward


Soul on Fire

Strength in Numbers

The Day The Technology Stopped

The Decision

The Empty Page

The Errant Chairs

The Lies of Love

The Lost Hour

The Newsbringer

The Search

The Woman In The Moon

Through A Child's Eyes

Unholy Deals

Urban Soldier


We Were Wrong


A Spicy Surprise

Captured Moments

Cyber Parents

Dream Traders


How The Fairy Found Her Wings

How The Sandman Found His Dream

Nursery Rhyme School

The New Neighbour

The Secret

Poetry - Children's/YA/Adult

A World Without Shakespeare

Ascendant Sun



Cycle of Hope

Green Christmas

I'm Late


Nightly Magic

Pokemon Go

Portrait of A Witch

The Butterfly Ball

The Cool Dragon

The Day I've Had

The Enchantment

The Magic of Life

The Restart Button

The Senses of Christmaa

The Wonder

This Poetry

Virtual World

Which Parts Are True

Whisper to a Roar

Who Needs Maths

Why Do I Have To Make My Bed

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