Dear Mr Alien (excerpt)

  Dear Mr Alien

I’m very sorry that none of us here on Earth have written earlier, but we only just found out that you might be there. Some of our scientists have found seven new planets and another sun. They called the sun Trappist-1. Apparently we’re almost neighbours. We’re in the same galaxy – The Milky Way. 

The scientists are really excited because three of the planets could have water on them. That means there could be something, or someone, living there. Maybe you! So just in case you are there on one of those planets I thought I would send you a letter from all of us here on planet Earth. 

We’d like to welcome you to the neighbourhood!  

I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I would give you a few ideas about how to look after your planet, and each other. We humans have been on Earth for a while now and we’ve learned a few lessons that might be helpful.......

(this is the opening passage of the story)