Writing on Education Issues

I have been very involved in my three children’s education. I served as secretary and president of the local parents and citizens association and helped assemble its corporate governance structure. I was involved in developing policies within the school, advocating on behalf of the school community, guiding decision making, facilitating communication and issues management. I currently mentor a creative writing group for gifted and talented students. During this time I have been exposed to a number of views and commentary about issues facing parents, teachers and students.

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My sister-in-law, Lila Mularczyk, and I are collaborating on a number of writing projects related to education.  Lila until very recently was the Director, Secondary Education at the NSW Department of Education (DoE). Lila’s commitment to education was recognised by being honoured with the Order of Australia Medal (OAM). Lila is immediate past president of the NSW Secondary Principals’ Council with 36 years’ experience in education (34 years in schools), 15 years as a school principal. She has spoken across the globe on issues of significance to school leaders, education systems (through research, reform and policy) and for school based colleagues. Her current portfolio of work includes DoE Chief Executive Officer for Teacher Quality, Director Professional Learning UNSW Gonski Institute, professional experience officer UTS, lecturer (UTS and UNSW), freelance project officer and a member of a number of advisory boards.

The writing projects

  • An interview-based  exploration of the impact of the educational experience on people's life journey. We are specifically interested in the role played by teachers and mentors in influencing or guiding people in the choices or directions they take in their lives.  

  • A commentary on a number of schooling issues from the perspective of students, parents, teachers and administrators.


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Email list

If you would like to be updated on the progress of these projects, please join my email list.