Voluntary Work

President and Secretary of Parents and Citizens Association

Establishment of corporate governance arrangements

Public speaking

Advocacy on behalf of school community

Liaison with staff and parents

Communication and issues management

Input to/guidance of  decision making

Activity reports/review of financials

Policy development

Oversight of events

Submissions, letters, corporate plan and annual report input

Consulting Services

RTA – project management of 2006-07 annual report (NSW Roads and Traffic Authority)

Document development/restructuring; liaison with directorates, executive and ministerial office for content development and review; editing/writing of content; designer liaison; and review for legislative compliance.  

The Report received a Bronze Australasian Reporting Award.

Roads and Traffic Authority NSW– editing and restructure of  elements of website.

Sydney Ferries Corporation 

Creation of first Statement of Corporate Intent following corporatisation; production of quarterly reports; and input to Corporate Plan. 


Corporate Strategy

Privatisation project management (NSW state owned FreightCorp)

Member of sale project team, Treasury working groups , manager of internal working group

Issues management 

Vendor due diligence, key sale documents and verification process

Presentation materials for bidders, management of bidder question and answer process

Advice, briefings and papers to Government, Board, Managing Director and senior management

Managed internal communications - publications, forums, advice line 

Reviewed all external communication and strategic issues

Assisted in financial model and synergy analysis, developed segment profitability report

Developed stakeholder communication materials

Corporate planning/ strategic development

Submissions to Government and industry to inform policy direction and promote profile

Produced Annual Report and Statement of Corporate Intent 

Quarterly shareholder reports on performance, strategic issues and risks

Annual update of corporate governance manual and company register