The Wonder

Pages turning 

Ever eager, moving quickly, ever sure.

Fevered searching

Seeking answers, wanting magic, craving more.

Shoulders hunching 

Face bending, towards the page, towards the tale.

Eyes are hungry

Keen to devour every word and each detail. 

Fingers clutching

Holding tightly to their most precious treasure.

Hearts are pounding

As they savour each taste of fear and pleasure. 

On they travel

Abreast a dragon or unicorn sublime.

To adventure

Under rainbows, into portals, beyond time.

On with beings 

Elfin fairies, mythic heroes, monsters wild.

And those creatures

Clamber closely to enchant each willing child.

It’s the magic

That enthrals them and beguiles them…. take a look

At the wonder 

On their faces as each child enjoys a book.